Boston College's flagship hackathon is virtual this year!

We are excited to introduce Boston College's fifth 24-hour hackathon, Hack the Heights 5! Due to COVID-19, Hack the Heights is going completely virtual this year. It will feature virtual technical workshops, tech talks, and prizes for beginners and seasoned hackers alike. The event kicks off on Saturday, November 14 and concludes on Sunday, November 15. Check us out at for more information!

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$1,600 in prizes



Social Good/Community

BC Prize

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Students of all kinds are welcome to participate in HTH5 this year! (That means high school students and beginners alike!) The minimum age for participants is 13 years and the maximum size for teams is 4 participants.


Will Farley

Will Farley
Software Engineer @ Amazon

Nam Wook Kim

Nam Wook Kim
CS Professor @ Boston College

Jen Foley

Jen Foley
Principal Consultant @ Ballast Advisory

Judging Criteria

  • Social Good
  • Beginner
  • Conservation


  • Lifehacks
  • Social Good
  • Health